For more information about AMEB, please refer to the attached information here or call our number: 0389669757

All prices for AMEB Vietnam exams are listed here.

No, candidates can start at a higher grade if they wish. Your teacher will be able to help you decide what AMEB grade you should start with by consulting the requirements in the AMEB Syllabus.

Please refer to the list of Official Exams Centers in Vietnam to find a teacher who can help you prepare for your AMEB exam.

We are always willing to advise and support centers and teachers who want their students to take AMEB exams. To get started, find out about AMEB in here.

For direct support, please contact AMEB via:

Email: vietnam@ameb.edu.vn
Phone: 0389669757

We hold various exam sessions at locations throughout Vietnam each year. In 2022 only Repertoire video exams are available due to COVID-19. Dates for 2022 exams are listed here.

Certificates will be posted to your teacher or school within four weeks of your exam date.

Most students work on a grade for one year, but others achieve two exams in one year. It is for teachers and students to decide when a candidate is ready to sit their exam.

Exams for other instruments are similar in structure to Piano exams. Please refer to the detailed information in the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses.

No, theory is not a prerequisite for any of the AMEB ‘For Leisure’ qualifications.

Aural tests are an essential part of practical exams from Preliminary to Grade 8. They help students develop essential musicianship skills in time, rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony.

See a demonstration of all the aural tests for each grade here. Please note that candidates sitting ‘For Leisure’ exams may choose between aural tests and sight reading. Aural tests are not required in Repertoire exams.

Candidates need to take both aural tests and sight-reading when taking the Comprehensive Exams from Preliminary to Grade 8. Candidates sitting ‘For Leisure’ exams may choose between aural tests and sight-reading. Aural tests and sight-reading are not required in Repertoire exams.

Piano, Violin, Classical Guitar, Musical Theatre Singing, Singing for Leisure, Classical Singing, Theory of Music

When you have decided on the books you would like, please contact  AMEB Vietnam to make your purchase. Our number is: 0389669757.

Please refer to this guide for specific instructions on choosing books to teach and study.

The AMEB Manual of Syllabuses is a complete guide to all AMEB practical and written music examinations – for teachers and students.

Piano Series 17 and 18 contain different repertoire for all the grades between Preliminary and Grade 8. Both series can be used for Comprehensive and Repertoire exams. You may select pieces from both books or just from one book.

AMEB has published four Series of Grade Books with repertoire for Piano for Leisure candidates. You may select pieces from any of the four books for your exam.

The AMEB ‘For Leisure’ Grade Books feature a mix of genres including classical, pop, musical theatre, movie scores and world music.

Aural Tests Book/6CD AMEB and Sight Reading can be used for both the Comprehensive Exam and Piano for Leisure. The book Technical Work level 1,2 (2018) is used for the Comprehensive Exam. And the book Technical Work Piano for Leisure is used for Piano for Leisure exam.

For higher level exams, candidates and teachers should refer to the AMEB Manual of Syllabuses 2020 for practice and teaching. This Syllabus has compiled the entire list of works as well as exam content for all AMEB exams.

Read more on to how to choose the appropriate pieces for each exam here.

Currently all publications are valid. Any expiry dates will be provided on our website with a lead time of two years.

Books brought into the examination room must not have any writing on them except for fingering markings. During teaching and learning, teachers and students may use pencils to write in books. Before taking the exam, it is necessary to erase all the content written within; only the fingerings may remain.

For more information about AMEB Video Repertoire exams 2022, please refer to the attached information here.

Yes. The certificates from the AMEB Video Repertoire exams 2020 that the candidate receives are the same value as the certificates from the AMEB face-to-face exam.

Details of exam fees can be found here.

For Video Repertoire exams, candidates have 3 options:
– Repertoire video:
+ Pre to grade 4 : 4 works
+ Grade 5 to grade 8 : 5 works
– For Leisure Repertoire: 4 works.
– P Plate Piano: 3 works.
The technical work, sight-reading, aural test, and general knowledge are NOT REQUIRED.

Detailed instructions on recording your video exam can be found here.

After you finish recording your exam, post the video on YouTube or Google Drive and share the link to AMEB Vietnam. For detailed instructions please refer here.

The deadlines for submitting videos are listed here

Candidates must submit their exam as a single video, including all the pieces. Videos must be recorded seamlessly, without cutting or splitting.

Yes. Candidates may select works from equivalent levels in other AMEB books to make their own choice work. Candidates may also select pieces that NOT in AMEB books for their own choice works.

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