How AMEB works

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The benefit of AMEB for teachers

Our world-class syllabuses provided teachers with a framework to structure lessons and prepare students to achieve their goals. Not only does our syllabus and exam system give students something to aim towards, it’s also a globally recognised qualification.

AMEB provides teachers with a wide range of learning resources to assist beginner through to advanced level students – across a variety of instruments, voice, speech and drama. With more coming to Vietnam – very soon.

We’re also facilitating workshops, training opportunities and providing online resources for Vietnamese teachers to stay up to date with the latest developments in the AMEB system and pedagogy.


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Help your students achieve their musical goals by guiding them through these five simple steps.


Use the AMEB syllabuses to set a specific goal eg – Grade 4 Piano.


Students learn, practise and prepare under teachers’ guidance.


Students sit an exam at an accredited AMEB centre or do a video exam.


Students receive feedback, results, and accreditation.


Set the next goal!

Helping students master their craft since 1918

AMEB recognises the achievements of students through our exam system and aims to inspire them to continue their musical journey.

We have varied repertoire students can choose from as well as exam styles to suit the needs of every musician. Not only does our syllabus and exam system give students something to aim towards but they also receive a globally recognised qualification.

– A structured approach to education
– Goals-based learning
– Globally recognised qualifications

benefit for teacher in AMEB
"Dương Vy Con biết ơn chương trình đã cho con cơ hội được chơi những bản "nhạc ở tầm cao hơn, được thử sức ở một sân chơi quy mô như vậy. Con rất vui"
Student Piano

AMEB offer the following syllabuses in Vietnam - more arriving soon!

  • Piano
  • Piano for Leisure
  • P Plate Piano
  • Guitar
  • Singing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Singing for Leisure
  • Violin
  • Theory of Music

Designed by leading scholars and performers.

AMEB examinations are based on syllabuses designed by leading scholars and performers, regularly updated to ensure that they reflect an appropriate range of performance skills and the latest musicological research.

Syllabuses contain

  • General exam requirements
  • Aural tests requirements
  • Sight-reading requirements
  • Exam regulations
  • Grade book & Manual List repertoire for all syllabuses