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May Space Music Academy

“Since we started teaching AMEB, the syllabuses have brought in and encouraged all of our students. AMEB offers a rich and diverse syllabus, in music style just as much as history. With a Piano syllabus comprising 4 lists, each covering a historical period, students improve their knowledge of styles and historical periods. Meanwhile, the Piano for Leisure program brings excitement with jazz, film and popular music.
Teachers have many options for exercises, assisting the student in introducing new techniques. From that point forward, every understudy will have the option to augment their qualities.
It is with honour and pride that we have been with AMEB from the very first steps towards building and creating socialisation with music. We look forward to bringing together more parents and music-adoring children with AMEB.”

– MMus, Pianist Piano Phạm Quỳnh Trang – Founder May Space

Erato School of Music

“Though AMEB have entered the Vietnam music education scene very recently, I have been impressed with AMEB’s vision and efforts. Serious investment and professionalism from AMEB in building the foundation for the future development clearly show AMEB’s ambitions and willingness in contributing to Vietnam music education, not just merely exams and syllabuses.” 

– ARAM, MMus, MA, PGdip Nguyen Hong Minh, Principal, Erato School of Music and Performing Arts

Dolin Music School

“AMEB has truly propelled our students. Our students are very excited for the new styles of music in the AMEB syllabus: jazz, pop, latin and so on…
After taking our first AMEB exam in August 2018, our students have been looking forward to future exams, and are encouraged to develop their skills through the comprehensive feedback provided by prestigious Australian examiners.”

– Ms Thuong – CEO of Dolin Music School

Music Land

“AMEB is a reputable organization with a long history of operation over 100 years with an assessment and marking system that meets international standards. AMEB’s syllabus system is very diverse in genres, styles, musical periods and is especially highly pedagogical. The syllabus of AMEB can be used and brought about with significant effect in teaching students at professional music training institutions, as well as at popular music training centers. The presence of AMEB in Vietnam is a significant contribution to the development of music education in our country.”

– Dr. Nguyen Tai Hung, Music Land

Senior Lecture, Vietnam National Academy Of Music

Training director of Hanoi Musicland School of Music

Member of The Vietnam Musicians Association,

Member of jury for International Prize of Castelfidardo, Italy; Trophée Mondial de l’Accordeon; Italia Music Award; Belgrade International Music Competition…

Hoang Cung Art Center

Parents Nguyen Doan Thai (candidate Nguyen Ha Phuong and Nguyen Ha Phuong Thao)

“Our children have made a lot of progress and are able to show their talents with AMEB. AMEB is a quality examinations board. Through AMEB, we clearly see the growth progress and soft skills of our children. Thanks to AMEB,  children will practice their bravery and confidence in front of the crowd. That is the premise for the children in the future.”

Candidate Tran Quynh Chi

“I was so scared when I entered the exam room, before I even started performing, I kept shaking, and it was the same feeling when I finished my performance . But the examiner is gentle and very understanding, although I still have small mistakes, the feeling is much more comfortable, I like it very much. So next year I will still take the exam and try harder.”

Parents Nguyen Thi Bich Ha (candidate Nguyen Duc Nghi, Nguyen To Ninh, Nguyen To Hao)

“ AMEB exam with a serious, quality and very professional spirit will create a very good premise, a launching pad for our children in the future.”

Parent Nguyen Thi Minh Hue

“My impression is that AMEB exam was held in very good conditions: The judge is a very reputable person and very gently encourages the candidates. Thoughtful organization board, exam room, beautiful piano. I will join the exam in next year. Thank you!”

Candidate Tran Kim Chi

“At first, I was a little nervous, but then I felt better because the judges were happy and friendly, so it was okay. After taking a deep breath, I feel calm, so I can play all the works fluently. I feel very happy to be able to do this exam. I hope i can take this exam in next year.”

Parents of Xa Rin Xona (candidate Dinh Bao Hoang Nhat Minh)

“AMEB is a new exam with attractiveness and prestige of the examination board. And is a serious and quality competition. I hope my kids make a lot of progress and show their talents with AMEB.”

Candidate Nguyen Hoang Hong Duc

“When I arrived, I felt a little shaky, but when I finished the exam, I felt so comfortable inside. There were parts where I tripped a lot, but I tried to fix it and didn’t stumble like usual. I will take more AMEB exam so that I can see the judge again.”

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