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AMEB is the biggest and most comprehensive Music Examinations Board in the Oceania. We provide 42 instrumental and singing syllabuses.

AMEB syllabuses and grade books are rich and specific for each instrument. AMEB books are written and compiled by music educational experts and top ranking professionals in Australia. The syllabuses use an educational approach which is suitable for Australian and international students.

Piano for Leisure books include Pop, Rock, Blues, Tango, Rumba, Jazz, Chachacha, Waltz and famous songs and soundtracks from great artists such as the Beatles, Elton John, Celine Dion, Yann Tiersen, etc.

Piano Books focus on classical music from different eras (eg Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary) for students who wish to pursue professional music careers. Exam types include Repertoire and Comprehensive.

Apart from Piano, AMEB provides syllabuses and grade books for singing and other instruments such as Violin and Guitar. Moreover, AMEB also provides theory books, sight-reading and aural books for teaching and exam preparation purposes.

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