Exam Types

Types of Repertoire Exam Session AMEB 2024

I. Candidates selecting the Piano Repertoire Video examination need to prepare:
• Preliminary to Grade 4: 3 works in the Piano Series 17, 18 and 1 elective work (with equivalent qualifications).
• Grades 5 to 8: 3 works in the Piano Series 17, 18 and 2 elective works (equivalent level).

• For candidates of the Certificate of Performance, Associate diploma and Licentiate diploma: please refer to the full syllabus.

II. Candidates selecting the Piano For Leisure Repertoire exam (from Preliminary to Grade 8) need to prepare:
• 4 works: 2 works in the Piano for Leisure series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 2 elective works (with equivalent level).
The same applies to Singing for Leisure.

III. Candidates selecting the P Plate Piano exam (P Plate 1, P Plate 2, P Plate 3) need to prepare 3 works from the P Plate Piano curriculum.

Candidates preparing for a Classical Guitar or Violin exam should consult the relevant syllabuses.

We also offer Theory of Music exams, available online through SCORE.

* For more detail of the exam, please take a look at AMEB Manual of Syllabus 2024

“I am grateful to the program for giving me the opportunity to play music at a higher level, to try on such a large playground. I am very happy.”

Duong Vy
Piano Candidate
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