Application of AMEB syllabus in music teaching and learning at Olympia

Application of AMEB syllabus in music teaching and learning at Olympia

Under the framework of the cooperation program between the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) and Olympia School, Dr. Tanya Minh Thanh, AMEB Ambassador to Vietnam, recently had a meeting with teachers in charge of the Music Department of Olympia School.

At the meeting, after listening to the music program currently being taught at the School, Dr. Tanya introduced in detail the strengths of AMEB syllabuses in meeting the learning needs of students, increasing the interaction between teachers and students as well as creating interest for students in music subjects which gives the opportunity to develop the English language when learning music. AMEB syllabus is suitable for all ages, all levels, highly systematic for non-professional and professional learners.

Dr. Tanya has advised on how to use AMEB syllabuses effectively in both building the curriculum, organizing teaching and learning activities in schools.

Sharing the plan to implement the cooperation content, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Head of The School’s Department of Creativity and Sports said: “Through the initial research and application of the AMEB curriculum in Olympia, it showed that this material is of good quality, the content, structure, form of presentation meets the needs of teaching and learning music in the School. In addition, students also have access to music, cultural understanding and improve their English skills through learning to sing English songs, about authors and works in English.” Ms. Nguyen Hai Yen- Deputy Director of Music also emphasized: “In the coming time, we will restructure the content of teaching music theory with blocks based on AMEB’s dataset; increase the duration of intensive practice activities for gifted and musically passionate students during elementary and secondary school club hours, and integrate the music and works contained in the AMEB curriculum in accordance with Olympia’s level and form of learning.”

 In addition, AMEB and Olympia will enhance the exchange activities, perform music, organize the experience of AMEB exams with international standard assessment methods, bringing practical benefits to students.

As the largest and most comprehensive music examination organization in Oceania with more than 100 years of establishment and development; owning a set of quality syllabuses used by more than 20,000 teachers and 5,000 schools in Australia, AMEB believes that it will bring many benefits to students at Olympia and contribute to music development and music education in Vietnam, in general, and with the young generation in particular.

Photo: On behalf of AMEB, Dr. Tanya presented the syllabus for The Olympia School’s Music Department
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