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Singing for Leisure

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Singing for Leisure

Singing for Leisure allows singers to explore popular repertoire including well-loved classics, folk songs, jazz styles, songs from musical theatre and film, and contemporary popular songs. The range of repertoire and open choice allows candidates and teachers to select songs appropriate to age, gender and vocal and emotional development.

Grade Books

  • Singing for Leisure Series 1 (high voice) and Singing for Leisure Series 1 (low voice) grade books accompany the current syllabus from Preliminary to Fourth grade. Each book comes with an accompaniment CD.

Technical Work & Sight Reading

  • Candidates should consult Singing Technical Work Book (1998), which contains all of the technical work and exercises for all grades.
  • Candidates can consult Singing Sight Reading (2011), which contains graded exercises in sight reading.

Digital Recordings

Singing for Leisure recordings are now available from digital music outlets such as iTunes and Google Play. Digital recordings can be purchased as full albums or as individual tracks.

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