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Piano for Leisure Series 3

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Piano for Leisure Series 3

Piano for Leisure explores popular repertoire including well-loved standards from the classics, jazz styles and arrangements of movie themes and popular songs.


Level 1 (Preliminary – 4th grade), Level 2 (5th – 8th grade) and Certificate of Performance.

Grade Books

Piano for Leisure Series 3 (Preliminary – 7th grade)

Technical Work & Sight Reading

  • Candidates should consult the Piano for Leisure syllabus as well as the Piano Technical Work, which contains all of the technical work and exercises for all grades. The technical work component of the syllabus is outlined in the syllabus of each grade.
  • Candidates should consult Piano Sight Reading, which contains exercises in sight reading suitable to prepare candidates for this section of the examination.

Recording & Handbooks

Piano for Leisure Series 3 Recording & Handbooks include recordings of grade book repertoire and information suitable to prepare candidates for the general knowledge section of the examination. Some recordings are also available to stream or purchase from all online digital music retailers.

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