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P Plate Piano

 Author: Bar 4. RH chord should be C-D-A, rather than D-E-B.  Category: Aural & Sight Reading  Pages: 19  Country: Australia  Language: English

What is P Plate Piano?

Series of three bright, colourful books designed to take a beginner pianist from the first tutor through to AMEB Preliminary level piano. With almost twenty pieces in each book, P Plate Piano introduces students to a range of performance styles and technical challenges, carefully graded for musical development.

Stunning artwork, fun activities and informative text written by leading Australian music educator Elissa Milne will engage students and help develop their general knowledge and their confidence in performing.

Duet playing and creative interaction with music are encouraged through the series, as well as engagement with a wide repertoire selection from the classical tradition to the contemporary.

The books are designed to complement existing teaching methods and are a perfect preparation for AMEB Preliminary Piano or Piano for Leisure.


P Plate Books

P Plate Book 1, P Plate Book 2 and P Plate Book 3 are designed to be a new part of your teaching strategy. Whether you are using published method books or your own sequence of pieces and activities, the material in these books will be invaluable in preparing students to embark on their life as pianists.

More than just a collection of pieces for students to play at recitals, these books contain a series of exciting experiences! From duets your students can play with you, to improvisations your students will create for themselves; from familiar tunes to pieces never published before; from middle C to the ends of the keyboard and beyond.

“The sense of accomplishment your students feel on completing each book will be complemented by their enthusiasm for starting the next – and you will feel exactly the same way!” – Elissa Milne (author of P Plate Piano)



Optional non-graded assessments are available at the completion of each book. Students can perform pieces selected for assessment alone or in groups and parent and teacher participation is encouraged. There is no requirement for technical work, sight reading or general knowledge. At the end of the performance an AMEB examiner will provide an assessment report with a certificate acknowledging the student’s achievement issued by the AMEB. On completion of the series, students will receive a credit card style P-Plate Piano licence.


Looking at the Repertoire – with author Elissa Milne


Publication corrections

P Plate Piano Book 2, pg. 19, bar 4. RH chord should be C-D-A, rather than D-E-B.

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