Piano Series 18

Piano Series 18

Series 18 Piano

The Series 18 Grade Books (Preliminary to Grade 8) present a range of appealing and pedagogically valuable repertoire at each grade level, with Australian compositions featured in every book. Grade books are a cost-effective way of obtaining a range of graded repertoire for study and examination in the one volume. The Series 18 Grade Books, along with the Series 17 Grade Books published previously, supplement the fully-revised Manual Lists on the new Piano (2020) syllabus.

Technical Work & Sight Reading

In most grade examinations, students will be asked to perform Technical Work and Sight Reading. The Technical Work consists of scales, chord progressions and arpeggios alongside custom-composed technical exercises. All of the Technical Work is detailed in the AMEB Piano Technical Work (2018) books, comprising separate volumes for Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4) and Level 2 (Grade 5 to Grade 8).

Teachers and students may also be interested in the new Sight Reading (2018) book, which contains over 120 examples of sight-reading (Preliminary to Grade 8), similar to that likely to be encountered in examination.


AMEB has produced a series of professional recordings of all grade book repertoire as a resource for syllabus users. These recordings are by top Australian artists and will be a source of inspiration for teachers and candidates alike. The AMEB Series 18 recordings are now available to stream or purchase from all online digital music retailers.

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